Monday, November 1, 2010

Oakland in the House

I’m considering a life altering change. This is something so sudden, so impulsive that my family and I will never be the same. I would have never thought that this would have ever, EVER occurred in my life. What can I say? I’m human. This may be the biggest mistake that I make in my entire life but I can’t deny this. I must satisfy this urge. Want to know what I’m thinking?

I’m thinking of becoming an Oakland Raiders fan.

Truth is I don’t much care for the Denver Broncos anymore. I just don’t identify with them. We have a coach with a philosophy towards football that I just don’t get. Our Quarterback of the future has an extreme right wing viewpoint, we have absolutely no running game and our defense is not really worthy of words to describe it. When I really put some effort into thinking about it I have to say that I like Kyle Orton, I like DJ Williams and Brian Dawkins but that’s about it.

The Denver Broncos have become strikingly un-DenverBroncoish. I never really liked the “predominantly orange” home uniforms. I don’t like the orange Nike Swoosh stripe that runs from the pants to the jersey. I don’t like the revamped 3-4 defense and I don’t like the pass happy offense. I don’t like Invesco Field and I don’t like that ridiculous mascot Miles.

So whom should I root for if it isn’t the Broncos? I relate more to the West Coast than either the East Coast or the Midwest. This limits my choices to either the Arizona Cardinals, the San Diego Chargers, the Oakland Raiders, the San Francisco 49er’s or the Seattle Seahawks.

With all respect to the Cardinals, the Seahawks and the 49er’s I cannot choose them. I hate Phillip Rivers so the Chargers are an emphatic HELL NO. This leaves me with the Oakland Raiders.

So how can I choose the team that I’ve despised for all of my conscious life? I’m kind of drawn to the Raiders’ persona. I identify with the silver and black way of life. The Raiders are like Johnny Cash, Motorhead and Public Enemy rolled into one. The Broncos have become the boy band of the NFL. There is nothing mean or intimidating about the Denver Broncos.

Am I a sellout or a bandwagon jumper? Maybe, but as a season ticket holder for the Denver Broncos I see fans wearing other NFL team garb. The Broncos could be playing the Green Bay Packers and I will see Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and/or Minnesota Vikings jerseys. WTF? You don’t see anyone wearing any other team’s stuff in Oakland. The way I see it, most Broncos fans are sellouts. Only half the people in the stadium are really Broncos fans. The rest of them sold their tickets.

OK. So if not the Raiders, I’m thinking the Saints. Maybe I’ll just give up on the NFL and stick to hockey. It's not helping that my fantasy team is 0-7-1. We’ll see what happens.


TroutDog said...

While you make some valid points, 30PKT (you cannot hide behind your new blog name), this is beyond drastic. Let's go hang out with some raiders fans next weekend and see if you stick with the game plan. Or maybe we need to take a field trip to Oakland with the B'cos play there. I know the beatdown we got from the Raiders was traumatic, but you've gone too far!!

Young Bear said...

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
For shame.
Was it actually 6pkt that penned this lunacy?

Cosign on TD's last sentence.

Young Bear said...

If "we" pull out Jacksonville, NYJ and SanFran, then we are above 500 and playing above expectations.

I don't think we were that far off in any of those games.

The best 2-6 team in the league.

And i still think that this year's team would PASTE last year's that started 6-0.

Game of inches my friends.

As Brandon Lloyd stated, this has nothing to do with the coaches or the game plans. Us, players, are not making enough plays. I like that.

DeathTruck said...

This is smut.

Kids, Bikes and Fat said...

I would love to hang out with some Raiders fans this weekend. They couldn't be much different than... say Oakland A's fans.

It is sad that I may commit Broncicide but the facts are this. I haven't liked this team much since they made Ol' W an honorary Bronco. The only thing to look forward to is that it would nearly be impossible for the Broncos to have their usual second half of the season collapse.

You guys have fun rooting for Tebow. Oh and the best 2-6 team isn't the Broncos. It's the team that beat them in London.

Sonic Tooth said...

for a brief second I thought this was a post about the Warlock Pinchers, but alas no. Just a hilarious screed with some very good points but a bad end result. (that can't honestly be true.) I like your spunk though.

I have to believe I'm going to see the orange t-shirt with the acid-trippin' Bronco again this season?!? Remember I have your Morrissey CD....

Speaking of my A's they just picked up the option on Crisp and Ellis, but bade a likely farewell to the long tenured and chronically injured Chavez. Shit I used to go see him play at the Coliseum back when I still lived in the Bay Area and he had bleached hair.