Saturday, November 6, 2010

Boods & the 4th Line

Well, the title of this post sounds like some shitty mid-70s pub rock band, but I assure you if you saw them this evening they were anything but shitty. A 5 - zip shellacking administered to the Stars. Who are these Avs?? Porter? Dupuis? The guy with the Dutch name?

Old Raycroft actually stood fairly tall at the end of the game...the Avs were still peppering him, it was 5-0 and he hadn't been pulled. Pretty solid play to end a game where he really stood no chance, if I may be so bold (thank you aggressive Avalanche offense). Kind of liked the guy when he was on the Avs, not a ton. But admittedly I preferred him over Budaj.
Duchene gets a couple assists, Hejduk with a tally, Stewie doesn't even need to muster a point - (honestly, his skill is nuts. just watch) and Budaj gets a shutout against a team that has just been straight-up offensive as of late. Makes for some rather entertaining Saturday night hockey. Pretty sure that was the most shots the Avs have thrown at the opposing goal this year. It looked good. A fairly diametric opposite of that shit-ass Canucks game the other night where they looked sluggish and uninspired. Build on it.
Don't forget the Nugs....they completed the Dallas shutdown tonight. Had to come from behind to do it too.

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TroutDog said...

Pepe Dupuis....great game indeed. I was a little worried when the Avs came out storming and missed some excellent early chances. Alas, many more chances would be cashed in later.

I don't know who any of these Avs are...but, this just in....Stewie is fun to watch play hockey. Even in a pointless effort.