Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not Too Much Mauldin, Too Much Mauldin

A very nice way to bounce back from a frustrating and pointless two-game Canadian road swing with a big win against a team that could have leap-frogged the Avs in the standings. After a pretty listless looking first period, the Avs flat pucked in the next two periods and applied a hurting on the Wild. My Main Man Mauldin collects four points (2G, 2A) and the #1 Star in what could be a breakout game. Once again, a very fun game to watch, even when Boods let in a obligatory softie that made it 5-3 toward the end of the 2nd period (way too close for comfort at the time). A couple 3rd period goals ensured that this game never got too interesting down the stretch.

As great as this game was, a mystery injury to Stewie is a concern (not to mention what appeared to be a bad knee injury to Winny). Hard to say what happened, considering Stewie easily got the best of the preceding scrap. Let's hope both injuries are minor.

7 goals against the Wild? The ghost of the Jacques Lemaire-coached version of this team is rolling in its grave.


TroutDog said...

Stewie with a fractured hand?!? That sucks....

Sonic Tooth said...

yeah. that is a blow.