Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where No Rockie Team Has Gone Before

Well, here we are, at the threshold of the first Rockies World Series ever. This will never happen again. I'm savoring the moment, despite the recent ticket botch-job.
If we can make it through the first 3 innings tonight with no more than a 1-run deficit, I'll consider that a minor success and we'll have passed the first major test of this series. This team has been waiting for 9 days to play baseball, so there is some serious uncertainty in the beginning of this game. If the Rox can maintain out of the gate and keep their composure, we have a shot of stealing game 1. It largely rests on the arm of the young kid from Canada that lives up the street from Sammy Winder, Deathtruck, and myself.

I'm going to say Rockies will win this in 6. Fogg will be the winning pitcher of that game in Boston in front of his friends and family from the area.

Go Rockies!!!

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