Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cinderella is dead.....

Wish I didn't have to type this.
A potent combo of untimely (or absolutely no) hitting, previously overachieving pitching that didn't elevate its game like it has in the past month, and a good load of other reasons (the Sox are a better team, Hurdle probably let the pitching thang get out of hand in the first game-kind of fucking up the vibe for the rest of the series, and that jackass right behind homeplate at Coors with all the stupid signs was allowed to continue her lame sign flashing that annoyed me during the Phils and D-Backs series) pretty much spelled disaster for the Rockie's virgin voyage to the Fall classic.
I feel like I should just enjoy the fact that the Rockies are in the World Series, but the amazing run that got them here has frankly spoiled me, and I know (because I've seen it in effect) that this group is capable of some pretty nutty shit.
However, the past few games have shown that magic is quite is nutty shit. Not alot of clutch...good lord Hawpe has looked horrible, Helton has not risen to the occasion during his deserved trip to the Ultimate Stage, and Fuentes should pretty much never pitch another ball for the Rockies (unless of course they are down by 5-6 runs tomorrow night in the 8th, which they very well may be).
I'm pissed and pissed. The Rockies are done for 2007...maybe they can scratch out a win instead of getting swept, that'd be good.
Some other shit:
The Sox should be pretty stoked about the rooks they have right now. Pedroia and Ellsbury were killer tonight...fuck those runts.
Papelbon's weird mouth O-formation before he pitches makes me think he might be fantasizing about blowing the tiny dicks of Red Sox Nation. Good for him.


Sammy Winder said...

...and oh yeah, Herges for President. He rules.

TroutDog said...

S-Wind, I share your pain. I was down at Slinky's watching this latest debacle and I'm mad.

The Coloroado Rockies are not really as talented of a team as the Boston Red Sox. We were riding a wave of momentum that got crushed by a long layoff and a team with much more talent and depth. Fucking sickening.

As down as I am, it's hard to be as pissed at the rockies as it is to just flat-out hate everyone in Red Sox Nation. Yippee!!! You won another World Series! You are now the New York Yankees!

A lame cop-out for me, but really, they have 3 times our payroll, infinite more history (as anyone that brushes up against a Sox fan will be reminded of), and what the fuck, we should just be happy to be here.

On the last point, I am happy we made it this far. It's painful to watch this, but it's good for the baseball soul of this city. Get pissed and passionate. This is going to help the Rox in the long run.

Holliday's homer was awesome. Trade Fuentes for two good prospects, and Herges for Pres!!

And I hate the Red Sox.........

DeathTruck said...

agreed, Herges has been solid throughout the series (the world series). Holliday's dong last night made everyone think that there was still a little magic in the tank for the pet rocks. But then Brian comes in and totally rices it up like he used to. He had been good as of late, but that was some fuking terrible timing to completely shit the bed... nothing new I guess.

We won 9 straight going into the series (the world series)... this shat ain't over yet.

DeathTruck said...

I guess I can't spell curse words.

Sammy Winder said...

well shit. i said that the Rox had to be down by 5-6 runs for Fuentes to enter Game 4...isn't anyone listening to me?????
Why wasn't Herges in tonight instead???