Sunday, October 21, 2007

Even in my absence please blog about the Denver Broncos.

Shit...Plummer, unshaven (as he should be) in a henley-T, is even disappointed in the lack of Broncos blogging going on here.
I'm pretty guilty of terminal Rockie-fever, but there no one to pick up the slack?
To quote Jake, (as he passed the doob my way) "You jack-asses probably should just call this blog, 'The Rockies win the NL Pennant, and the-events-which-led-up-to-that fabulous milestone in Denver Sports'"
Whatever, Jake is rolling another, and we're enjoying the scrappy Bronco's win over the Steelers. Though neither of us is convinced that putting in Cutler midway through last year (or even Jay starting this year) was the right move.
Fuck the Sawx.
Can the Avs play all games at the Can?


TroutDog said...

Well said, Jake. A most impressive win for the B'cos last night. Not to mention, the game was pretty entertaining to watch, which is more than could be said for pretty much every broncos games prior. Even those other dramatic game-winning field goals were prefaced by generally shitty play.

With the win, we're kind of back in contention, but a lot of work remains before I'm going to get too excited. It's a start though. Considering the injuries they are currently nursing, a great team win.

Agreed about the Avs. Finish a game on the road please!!

Riggins said...

Way too much Black and Gold in the stands last night, BUT we brought their cocky asses back down to earth! Great team win with a young, depleted squad. Faded a little in the 2nd half but got to love the kid when the game is on the line.
Can't believe none of you bates got tix for the World Series so I could have ditched my 8 am flight this morning!

DeathTruck said...

I've got to say the best thing about the win last night, was the redzone offense: no lame 25 yard field goals. The defense was bit shakey in the 2nd half, but no matter, their 1st half freshness was more than enough to make up for it.

DeathTruck said...

riggins, the book isn't closed on the WS tickets. The box office server crashed, and they sold less than 500 tickets today. No word yet, on when they're going back on sale.

Chain Lightning said...

The book isn't closed on WS tix?? What a freaking joke. Hopefully at least half the fans at Coors will end up cheering for the Rox. Pretty freaking pathetic that bo-sox fans have the same chance as rox fans at getting tix. Can't the Monfarts section off half of the Rock pile for bo-sox fans and leave the rest to Denver?

Who do the Donks play next week?

TroutDog said...

It's a complete joke! I can't think of one good reason you'd wait to sell WS tickets until the LCS's are over, except to open the door to the visitor. Coors will be packed with Sox fans.

Sammy Winder said...

yeah. tell it like it is, chain lightning!

there should be/should have been some pro-Rox system in place for World Series tix here in Denver
it's not like these dates won't sell out (at the same price) if CO people are/were given preference.

pretty lame. with today's fiasco to boot....extremely lame.
love the a hella long way to go to think positive about the ownership.