Monday, October 15, 2007


Big hit Yorvit is cementing his name in Rox history. I love hearing the TBS crew ride the Rox jock all broadcast long. I can't believe we are one win away from the WS.

Hey what is up with the lack of banting(?) at Coors? Do they have it hung anywhere in the stadium? The Monfarts must be pinching pennies or else I'm just blind. Also Monfarts, lets make sure we have enough kitty litter going into a rainy game. Having to call your local True Value and Ace Hardware at 9pm probably isn't a safe back-up plan.


Young Bear said...

It's called Bunting, Ceej.
Where is the in-house blogging? TDog, DTruck, what the hell? I know y'all were there....

Great day to not worry about the Broncos.

C'mon Super Morales!

captwhatshisname said...

The crazy part about the Rockies streak is that I don't find it amazing when they keep winning anymore, more routine.

4 runs in 3 games for the snakes?

Our pitching & defense are sick.


TroutDog said...

Too much slinky's and cold drizzle!!

Is Bunting the red, white, and blue semi-circles? Plenty of it at Coors, if that's what we're talking about.

I hope I can rally for tonight. Yorvit's dong was sick!

DeathTruck said...

Yeah, the bunting was definitely in the hizzie; it was just wet, dark, and all folded over and shit.

War Manny coming back from his game 2 slip.

Sammy Winder said...

The D-Backs didn't have the Foggiest notion how to handle the pitches last night...

Thankfully that comment above didn't say "Yorvit's dong IS sick"....
It was pretty awesome, I must say.
With added goodness!! People actually on base!!