Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice Start to the Fall Classic, Dick

At a time we should all be exclusively giddy with anticipation for the Rockies first ever World Series, I can't resist but taking a dig at the Rockies' ownership/management. Whoever decided it was a good idea to wait until the LCS's were finished to start selling tickets for the WS needs to publicly explain how that is good for the Rockies and their fans. I understand no one really saw this coming a few weeks ago, but tickets to the NLDS were on sale well before the end of the season (when it didn't look like the Rox had much of a chance of qualifying for the post season) and the NLCS tickets went on sale the morning of the play-in game with the Padres (that's right, before they even qualified for the NLDS).

The only reason I can see that management decided to wait until this morning and change the original plan to having an online only sale was to open the market up to the entire world, including the WS opponents' fan base. Why this benefits the Rockies organization, I cannot say. Ticket scalpers, airlines, local merchants, hotels, etc. will benefit from the out of town attendance, but I don't see how the Rockies do. I doubt too many Red Sox fans would've been concerned with buying WS tickets to Coors Field a few weeks ago. Now they are and will be in force tomorrow at noon MDT.

I do agree that the sales should have been either all online or all through the box office, not both as was originally planned. That doesn't mean this was the best plan. I would've favored an all box office to sale to an online only sale. Better yet, a lottery should've been held weeks ago to determine those (mainly Rockies) fans who could buy tickets. This is what most teams do and not only would it increase MY chances of getting tickets (they would have still been very slim), but it would also (and more importantly) eliminate the vast majority of Red Sox fans from even bothering to try and get these tickets before the Rox were in the WS.

Of course I'm pissed about the computer problems today. Whether it was due to grossly underestimating the amount of people worldwide that would be attempting to get tickets (duh-really?!?!), or actually the fault of some hacker, it really doesn't matter. What pisses me off the most was that the ownership/management chose this means of selling the tickets and waited this long to do so. When there are tons of Red Sox fans at games 3-5 , I hope ownership/management takes a lot of heat for this colossal gaffe. Fuck you guys.

Ok, now I'm going to enjoy the rest of this week and look forward to Wed night. (And, of course, try and get tickets tomorrow at noon!)
No need to be surly at a time like this, that can wait until the games actually begin.....
Go Rockies!!!


Sammy Winder said...

Amen brother. mighty frustrating.

Sammy Winder said...

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Chain Lightning said...

I'm going to drop a heavy load on Dick's face!

Sammy Winder said...

just an utter disaster and joke for the franchise. hopefully there is some uprising of serious discontent over the way this was handled.

DeathTruck said...

Like Bono, also born a piece of crap.