Friday, October 26, 2007

Das Boot, Your Barnum E League Champs..

Hey, at least it's a silver lining...........

2 runs in 2 games ain't going to win too many World Series. Regardless, gotta still proud of my Rox. They were battling, just no clutch hitting. @#$*&!!!

I'm pretty sure the bone-diggity-dog would agree this is still a night of KTH glory.

Das Boot showed a certain character that would make an aging skipper proud. And we can throw back a few beers if push comes to shove.

I guess the E League cannot contain the entity that is Das Boot!

Now, for a sweep at Coors!


captwhatshisname said...

Agreed, if the Rockies can tap into some Das Boot type magic anything is possible.

Rockies did battle last night, Ubaldo was great and the bullpen locked it down. Where are the bats?!?!

DeathTruck said...

I've already sensed the bandwagon in Denver switching from the Rockies to Das Boot... I've been on both from the get go.

When do we get a Westword article?

Sammy Winder said...

That dog is psychedelic.

I'm hungover.

TroutDog said...

We can afford to be hungover. Our break makes the Rockies' post-NLCS break look short.