Friday, January 29, 2010

Can teams.......

Sammy's got something to say. He didn't like any of the games today.

Nugs...probably due for a bad game at some point. Mission accomplished.

Avs...well, this was a pretty harsh 2 game run that didn't produce a single point.
Last night, Andy plays fairly spotless and then has to lose late 1-0. (a great 3rd period to watch regardless of the outcome. Tons of action)
Tonight. Not good. Modano? Losing streaks are the bane of "Cinderella seasons" and we've got one going on both fronts. I might have preferred a blowout loss in either of these games. The inability to come back fully tonight, and the late loss last night is rather crushing. Who's feeling resilient? Who likes the Misfits?


TroutDog said...

What do they say about a picture saying a 1,000 something or other.

TroutDog said...

The Avs live and die by the 1 goal games....except when they're kicking the shit out of Dallas a few days ago.