Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nuggets. Again

Well. I wasn't expecting to post anything good about the Nuggets after that first period.

However.....a rather surprising, resilient performance, and in the end - successful game.
No Melo. But Earl, Chauncey, and Nene get busy in the box score.
When the Nuggets win without Carmelo against a decent team, you've got to think they have playoff legs.

Anyone got any rare 8 Seconds records?
Also, I'm wondering, is Bill Hanzlik's moustache actually part of his epidermal face and made of skin? It really doesn't look like hair or whiskers or any other follicle-based thing when you take a good look at it. I know back in the day that thing was a classic straight up moustache...nowadays I'm not so sure. There's just something not quite right.


DeathTruck said...

I did not see Hanzlik's mustache tonight. Does it compare with McNabb's shiner of a a couple of months ago?

Sonic Tooth said...

nothing compares to McNab's shiner.

Riggins said...

The Nuggets hadn't won in Htown in 3 years, making it all the more impressive. One of the guys in my office, his wife went to HS with Birdman. Some good stories. They hung with him after the game last night and I'm going to the next one in March on Birdman's tix.

Sonic Tooth said...

That's rad. Birdman is hooking you up?

Riggins said...

Fo shizzle...he just doesn't know who I am or what I am capable of on Jager shots and stadium brews! Although Rocket fan is pretty roguish.

Sonic Tooth said...

Can anyone? gauge personal abilities when fueled by stadium brews and Jager?
Sure Birdman understands rogueishness...but.