Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NUGGETS! Regress, No Way!

Figured it was time to throw some Nugs love out there.
What better way than with one of my favorite home-made graphics from Blake Street Bias last season.
A 7 Seconds 7" cover butchering.

That's right. 7 in a row for the Nuggets, who have had to overcome some injuries and other bullshit during this current run.

A rough little southern road stretch is coming up...can they maintain??
God, everytime you think about that Chauncey deal to bring him back to Denver...just crucial. (and not only for the Blackjack pizza ads...those sure can't hurt him in my book though.)
Also my apologies to any 7 Seconds purists out there...I realize Regress, No Way is not on the pictured 7".


TroutDog said...

It's good to get some Nuggets coverage on here, especially considering the Avs only play one game per week and will then go on their Olympic break. What up Earl Smith?

TroutDog said...

Have a mentioned I hate the recent lack of games scheduled for the Avs? At least all of the rest seems to help them.

The Nuggets quietly are sneaking up on the Lake Show too....

Sonic Tooth said...

this can be a rather bleak stretch sports-wise. thankfully both Can teams are perched atop their divisions...now if one of would at least play every night.
there have been some ghetto college hoops evenings lately due to lack of local teams playing.