Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who will confirm and/or certify this team as "For Real"?

WOW. Broncos beat the Pats. Dramatic-like in OT. Hard to believe. Here are my Peter King style thoughts. (sans retardation, or any mention of coffee or the socks.)
>Orton was stellar. This cannot be argued.
>J-Mac (is that his proper nickname?) and his staff did a great job- especially after making adjustments during halftime.
>To the last point, the defense looked more vulnerable than at any point this season during the 1st half today. They proceed to shut out Brady & Co. in the 2nd. Adjustments made.
>Keep Marshall happy with TD tosses, or whatever (in addition to $$) that will keep him in town...please. He is a beast at WR.
>Everyone. Quit fumbling.
>Special teams. Quit extending drives for the other team w/bad penalties.
>Prater. You make me nervous, regardless of winning the game in OT today.
>J-Mac's post-game on the field seig-heiling and fist pumping was bizarre. He is apparently more excitable and unhinged than his mentor. Shit was funny...whoo-boy. Dude wants Bronco-Hatred ratcheted up on a national level more than its current state, I guess. I was happy and chuckling. You get your kicks when you can I guess. Wish I was at Mile High today....last week vs. Cowboys was still awesome.
>I love me some Broncos.


Riggins said...

Was listening to Deion on NFL Network after the game say the Broncos will beat the Chargers next week and dominate this division this year. Love me some Primetime! This team plays for 60 minutes. The offense will continue to improve and Orton outplayed every QB in the league today. Would love 6-0 into the BYE week.

TroutDog said...

How about some "muskrat love" for our qb? That single INT of the year has a serious * next to it.

Wish the Rocks game would've ended happily ever after the bcos....

DeathTruck said...

I just heard no team has ever gone 6-0 and not won their division. I know, getting a little ahead of myself.

Riggins said...

I like the thought of going 6-5 the rest of the way gets us to 11-5! Word!

Sonic Tooth said...