Tuesday, October 6, 2009

South Stands View

With all due respect to DT's Skeletor post....
The simple fact is, that I (and can only assume TD) took a few days of recovery mixed with something called work to finally get a post thrown up from the glorious Sunday festivities at Mile High.

One of the best Broncos games I've been to for drama, and total hatred for opposing fans. You think Raiders fans are insufferable? Try on a few Cowboys fans for size. The contingent was VERY large, so tons of tickets had to have been relinquished by the Bronco Country "faithful", thanks a bunch cocksuckers....
We were basically surrounded by 'Boys fans. Allow me to describe a few memorable entries.
>Little Ginger with blue Witten jersey. Had odd BO, according to TD.
>Bald dude with blue Romo jersey. Fully tripping on angel dust...oblivious to the fabulous demise of the Cowboys as it was unfolding.
>Visible in the photo above. Frontrunning THUG (for real) in Kobe Bryant jersey. If I didn't think I would probably die in a matter of minutes, I might have chosen him for my antagonistic beverage toss.
.....and, so many more Cowboys fans to choose from, for all your hatred needs!
But what about the game?

Orton. Efficient, tactical. TCB.
Marshall. Clutch, nutty. TCB.
Champ. Aggressive, INT, TCB.
Defense. Continues to impress. Teams might get yards...but damn, if they don't have issues scoring. Taking Care of fucking Business.

Can it keep up with the Pats coming to town? I'm skeptical, but if it does...time for some national love.

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TroutDog said...

The 'Boys contingency assessment is spot on. I agree that Kobe was the most deplorable, but no way I'm getting into his shit. Was Ginger 14, or 30 years old. Does a predominately white Cowboys jersey exist in a 'Boys fans' closet? Who knows?

How about my B'cos?!?