Saturday, October 24, 2009

Avs continue to school the hated Wings this season...

...and ease in a new St. Bernard mascot that freely pours bourbon down the gullets of young Avs fans at the Pepsi Center from his "emergency" cask. Thank god for Bernie. Young fans have needed more cask aged bourbon for some time at Avs games; finally they have a cuddly and cute hockey-dog that will make in-game deliveries of that precious amber liquid.

Another great Saturday night victory against Detroit in '09.
Jesus, Anderson faces 48 shots and allows 1 (one) goal?? Budaj would have let in double digits. Anderson during his 1st Star speech tonight was off the hook. He could not be contained...

Rookies and youngsters continue to be a big part of the score-sheet.
Turns out Stew-bag doesn't like AHL send-downs. Dude has been money the past two games since his return from Cleveland - both Stewart and Galiardi had goals & assists tonight. Can it go this well all season?? Probably not, but I think any Avs fan will take this surprising start. I am in disbelief nearly every game I've watched.


Young Bear said...

Watched most of both FRI+SAT's games. Wow.
This young team is sweet!
I went through the roster, postgame last night and besides the two 18-yr-old wunderkids(duchene/the factor), much of the lineup is still just 21, 22, 23 (galiardi/wolski/stewbag/quincy/others) and some aging 25-yr-olds (like "The Locker")

Andy was ridic, too. Sweet postgamer, as ST mentioned. He likes the fans.

Young Bear said...

I hate bronco-less weekends during football season.

Where is the bumming Rapids post?!?

Sonic Tooth said...

Here's your Rapids post (in the lowly comments.) Fuck Columbus. You couldn't get a win to give the Rapids life????

Yes, Sundays are hollow without the Broncos.

Avs. Forgot to mention their studly penalty kills throughout nearly the entire 3rd period. Crucial.