Saturday, October 17, 2009

McLeod sweater update. Still can't locate that damn thing, but I want it back.

Probably about time to pour some props on another Denver team that wasn't slated to do shit this year either; The Colorado Avalanche.
Tonight was a freaking awesome game...3rd period comeback, in Detroit? Hell Yes.
Shootout win? Hell Yes. I know the economy in Detroit is shit and was hit harder than most US cities, but Hockeytown is also suffering a downturn. Not sure that there is a stimulus package for that Wings fans....
My boy, Cody in a throwdown with Brad May early on, and two goals on top of it all. Young Rook, Duchene with his first big league goal. Nothing fancy just a pure skate into the zone and shot on net. Hopefully the first of many.
Very impressive 2 points this evening. Perched atop the Northwest. Perched atop the Western Conference

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Fresh dish by "the Factor": O'Reiley.