Friday, October 30, 2009

Lucero. Jack O. Snow.

We go to shows in Denver too, you know you goddam Boulder hippies. I'd post a shot of Lucero but the only one I managed with the Blackberry features some dude's bald head right in front of me, prominently. Fuck that bald dude. Instead a shot of Jack Oblivian...great set from Jack O.
TD, Dahmer and me went to the show. Then the sky proceeded to shit snow for two days.
Really great excuse for hot toddys.
In the afternoon.

In case you're wondering. Go Nuggets.

1 comment:

TroutDog said...

Maybe that was my bald head, but I ain't that tall?!?

Glad I dragged my soon-to-be sick ass out to get a taste of Mephis r'n'r. According to Dahmer, Lucero got their drink on late nite. According to ST, they were snowed in Denver. Seems appropriate.