Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saving the Worst for Last

Hate to see the Nuggets go out in such bed-shitting fashion, especially at home, especially against the Lakers. In this forgettable and down-right unwatchable Game 6, the Nuggets looked disorganized, disinterested, and ultimately defeated. It was somewhat reminiscent of many Nuggets-Lakes games in years past where it just seemed like the Nuggets never had much of a chance, especially from midway through the 2nd quarter on. That's not at all how I would like to remember this otherwise impressive playoff run.

You almost expect to have a one horrible performance in a long series. But, by losing a couple of games they should've probably won, the Nuggets left themselves no margin or error and paid for it. All in all, it is encouraging that this team was able to compete with the Lakers, in spite of pretty lack luster performances by Chauncey, JR, and (other than the first game and a half), Melo (was that ankle worse than we were ever told?). No one shot the ball very well, which could have made the difference in a couple of games. Keep this team together and there is no reason we can't be right back here next year. Go Magic/Cavs!!

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Chain Lightning said...

Ankle or laziness? Melo's defense in the 1st half wasn't even laughable. Ariza and Walton went for what seemed like a combined 25 points in the 1st half alone while Melo was on them. Kobe probably had close to 10 points in the first half while Melo was guarding him as well.

So much upside remaining in Melo's all around game. He has to continue to improve in mental toughness and defense in order for the Nuggets to get that champchip.

Still a great season. Awesome that we can mention the Nuggets and champchip in the same sentence. Hopefully the game 6 debacle motivates the guys over the off season.

Go get'em in '10 boys!