Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On to the Western Conference Finals!!!

Congrats, '09 Nuggets!! Hope you don't play like a bunch of stiffs in the next round. Don't mean to be a buzz kill, because you've looked great thus far. However, here is the harsh reality: you've enjoyed the best possible match-ups in the playoffs up to now, facing the Big Easy and the Big D. Things are going to get a lot tougher and you will soon be given the ultimate test against Shaq, I mean, Kobe and the Lakers. That said, me and Big Jane will be rooting for you 110% while watching our amazing big screen tv, that we just bought from the Big Pictyyyaa!! Just don't invite that stiff Hanzlik over to watch - he eats all of my cheddar-jack Cheez-Its and wipes his hands all over our suede furniture!

DT - I hope you have some good car-tipping, newspaper-box burning post-game stories for us!


Sonic Tooth said...

I think Moe is doing the "Frug" on that card. Weird that they made the players do 60's dances instead of pose for their pictures back then.

Seriously though...big win. the freaking Kraut is deadly, thankfully that Mavs team had enough liabilities elsewhere to make things favorable for the Nugs.
Don't like a Lakers matchup, which seems like their destiny...Sir Charles agrees, and muttered something postgame on the TNT set that went something like "Lakers you better be scared, this Denver team is for real"
Hopefully Chuck is correct. He pretty much has to be if the Nuggets have a chance to take down the Mighty Lakers...(god, wouldn't it suck to be a Rockets fan and have Charles Barkley and sonic tooth flat out dismiss your chances at advancing?!?)

You think Hanzlik is bad??? Hastings routinely drinks all my Ancient Age and vomits all over the Lazy-Boy and down the front of his mock turtleneck.

nuggets are the team that i watch on the telly
cause they got more moves
than a bowl full of jelly

TroutDog said...

The Barkley love for the Nugs is bizzare. After being a Nugs hater for so long, no he's drinking the kool aid. Can't say I agree with his take (I thought Kenny provided a more realistic take on a possible Nugs-Lakers matchup), but I hope he's right. Definitely think we can hang with the Lakers, especially if we can steal one at the Forum.

TroutDog said...

By the way, I think that's some nice guy defensive techniques Moe is showing off.

Akensee4miles said...

"Get down Moe. You're hoppin' like a bunny!"

[Why do you fear Coach Laird]