Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Hate L.A....

...with a fucking passion it turns out. I hate the Lakers. I hate Kobe Bryant. I hate their fucking famous fans, I hate their rich vampire fans. Fuck the whole lot of them.
How's that for eloquence?


TroutDog said...

Very well-said and spot-on.

Just wait til we wheel out Kathy Sabine to sit courtside at Pepsi Centero

TroutDog said...

Reffing was pretty decent in the game, but that reach in call on KMart gives me some heartburn. Looked like a pretty normal steal to me. Of course everyone said it has a foolish foul, which I guess means don't breathe on Kobe at the end of games. If the refs decide to let them play, the steal is huge.

Nice in bound pass AC. Nice free throw shooting!

Huge game Thurs.

Sonic Tooth said...

Agreed. The reffing was better than your average NBA game....but the K-Mart foul was a bit "ticky tacky" as they say.
The Nuggets gave one away last night I'm afraid. They outplayed the Lakers and pretty much had them beat wire to wire...except for that last tiny bit of wire where the Lakers took it from them.
The game was a bummer.

DeathTruck said...

Well dod gonnit, I don't like the Lakers either!

Need to make a statement on Thursday.

TroutDog said...

Ok, now. I need to know who was the culprit for posting those celeb pictures. And for the record, that Mr. White Glasses dude is Hulk Hogan.

TroutDog said...

I found out tonight I will have the good fortune of attending Game 3 thanks to a certain C-Bass. The tailgating begins about 3:30 pm on Fri.

TroutDog said...

As much as I love the rogue gallery, it's missing a key member from last night: Spike Lee. I thought he was a Knicks fan? Nice front-running. I know he was probably just there to fallecio after the game, but it's almost as lame as LeBron claiming Yankee loyalty over the Tribe in the ALDS a few years ago.

Sonic Tooth said...

the basset hound is the culprit.

actually the old white sunglasses dude is Lou Adler. some record industry/band manager type, from the 60's and 70's. sucks off Nicholson between periods, i'm told.

Sonic Tooth said...

The majority of the Lakers' fan foundation is built on Front Running. seriously.
Lakers=Dallas Cowboys from a national standpoint.

In Staples order...
>it's a fashion show of famous public figures sitting courtside.
>those prominent/rich enough to sit in the lower bowl.
>and then (probably) some decent folks who love a team, and pitch down ducats for seats for a team that outwardly should be deplorable from a fan standpoint in any city with a NBA franchise. at least I think it should be. but obviously I'm wrong.

That said, I'm sure many of the celebs courtside are lifelong Lakers fans. They were born of Hollywood lineage (Jake Gyl. etc) so a predisposition is not surprising. Or they're old industry farts. (white sunglasses old dude, d. cannon)
I still say fuck 'em. And fuck all Lakers front runners.
Go Clippers...well actually go Nuggets.

Chain Lightning said...

I'm confused. Am I missing a joke or are you guys really thrown off by the sunglasses....Weird sunglassed whitehair is Donald Sutherland.

That being said, I'm pretty sure he still goes down on Jackie.

Sonic Tooth said...

Chain. that ain't D-Suth. trust me.
Google Lou Adler...you will find he is the "idiot old guy with the white sunglasses". which is the name I prefer in the end anyways.