Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beat L.A.!!!!

They were chanting it mighty early in the 4th quarter all over the Pepsi Can last night. Pretty fun game to be at as y'all can imagine, even way up at the top row of the upper deck (or the Nug Pile as I like to call it). Giving hi-fives to so many strangers that I'm probably at risk for some swine-flu. Sorry TD, no postgame car-tipping for me (were there reports of some?); just listening to some crappy local alt rock band at Pete's afterwards while sipping on some cheap brews. The riot will come when we win it all (sometime in late August).

On a slight side note, by looking at everyone's nuggie gear, you'd think the Birdman was our #1 player. It seemed like half of the people at Illegal Pete's before and after the game were rocking some sort of birdman t-shirt or jersey. Not to mention all of the bro-brahs who wore their hair in a bird-mohawk (not excluding Rocky). I guess I like the birdman too... I ain't hatin.


TroutDog said...

The Birdman love is out of control. Hey, people love white basketball players in the nba and WRs in the nfl. A strange phenom.

Is that the table slide dick around I see?

Riggins said...

If the Yao-less Rockets can win by 20 at home over the Lakers and take 1 on the road, there is no doubt in my mind right now, the way this team is playing, that they can beat the Lakeshow! With that being said, Nuggets in 6!

DeathTruck said...

The table slide dick around move was in full effect during halftime. Even more dickish with a packed upper deck crowd.

in 6, eh?

Sonic Tooth said...

that is a serious concourse table barricade for a sold out Can.

the Birdman love is out of control. I think the real reason is that people love recreational substance abuse...especially when done by white NBA players. i know i sure as fuck do.

Akensee4miles said...

Soopla me the, how you sayyy..."Nug Pile."

Akensee4miles said...

Any DiGiorno Ts for Threes make it up that far?

Also, I wonder if DT remembers talking to me on the bus ride home last night after the game. He said, and I quote: "I have a few beers in me."

DeathTruck said...

suppla some t's for 3s.

Sort of remember the call. Prolly one of the last things I remember from the evening... a few beers? yes.

Have there been any nuggie bars poppin up in Kodiak?