Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nuggets with a huge win, but I still hate L.A.....

Seems that the Lakers return the favor in Game 2. L.A. probably shoulda had this one at 2-0 heading into Denver but somehow the Nugs come through and put their resilience front-and-center and come from behind at the Staples Center and steal one.
Great run at the end of the first half; crucial momentum shift.
Linas?!? Good move by Karl to let him loose...I would have second guessed that shit pretty much any game all season, but with early foul trouble for others, LK certainly shined when he was given the chance tonight.
Chauncey and Melo, as they should be, "stars" and team mainstays. Nene' with a crucial dish to K-Mart late. Freethrow percentage acceptable. (even though Chauncey's miss at the end scared me.) Fish cold as ice.
at the Can!!!


TroutDog said...

After watching the 1st quarter, I can't believe the Nugs win this game. Most of the 2nd half was not viewed by TD, but properly listened to on a Comcast cooler-radio at a Das Boot double header season-ending showdown. It was a strange Das Boot night to say the least.

First, no Buennings on the field, unless you count my 3rd base coaching attempt in the 2nd game, only to get scolded for bringing a tall can of Heineken out in a koozie. Anyway, that Buenningless shit is weak and won't be tolerated in the future.

Second, we beat Meade Street fairly easily in Game 1, and then beat the (Jerk)Off Brothers in the 2nd game. However, after shaking hands and begin the post-game celebration, the (J)OBs realized maybe the game ended too soon. Of course you know the rest. We are called back to play (after Danny flagged Das Boot sub "Rocky" back from the parking lot) and ended up coughing up a 4 run already victory. (In my book, this was a win regardless of the exhibition inning that was played).

Third, Carl announced after the 2nd game that he is moving to Dubai in two weeks and this was his last Das Boot game for the foreseeable future. Damn, that really fucking sucks. Many Boots were subsequently toasted and drunken plans for Spring Das Banquets at Dahmer's bbq next Fri were made. There's no way to overstate Carl's embodiment of all that is Das Boot.

In my book, tonight was a 4-0 (when you take the Nuggets, real Das Boot record, and even the frackin' Rockies into account).

And now Sat night is even more tasty. The Nugs can do this!!!

Sonic Tooth said...

Dubai? WTF? I think now I'm not going to go to Dahmers BBQ unless he agrees to fill Carl's shoes.
I woke up and checked the sPortability standings to see that it was a split night for Das Boot. No asterisk next to the Off Brothers loss unfortunately.

TroutDog said...

It was total bullshit. We shouldve refused to come back on the field. I'm now (Jerk)Off Brothers fan.

We need to start working on a live video feed to Dubai.