Friday, June 6, 2008

OK, Here Goes, Let the TV Party Begin!

In the continuing (?) series of KTH show reviews, I present you, Armchair Martian. After the 'breakup' of Drag the River, rumors immediately started swirling that the Chair (I think I might have just coined that nickname) would be reforming for a show or two. Last night, at the 3 Kings Tavern, those rumors came to fruition. Following a pretty engaging whisky-fueled solo set by Chad Price of All/Drag, the Chair (there I go again) turned up the gain and let 'er rip. Many of the old classics like Xenophobe: A Car, Feets (the message in the 8 ball song), and Swinging with Jesus were played and sounded as sturdy as they did back in the late 90's when this band pretty much ruled the Front Range in a post-Fluid era. While the set could've been longer and there was a specific song or two that I would've added to the set list, hard to complain about to opportunity to reexamine these under-appreciated purveyors of the Colorappolis sound. I went to the show by myself and didn't know too many folks there, so that should tell you about the level of my fandom. I definitely wouldn't be bummed if this was more than a one-weekend occasion and more shows materialize.

The Nobodys played last (the order will be reversed tonight in Ft Collins I was told). They sounded pretty good, but I was in the back of the bar having a drink talking to girl about how she commutes from Denver to Cheyenne on a weekly basis to practice with her metal band.

DT - You're on the hook for the Times New Viking review for tonight.


Young Bear said...

I like Armchair Martian.....
at the Tavern.

Sonic Tooth said...

The Tavern? Whoa. when was the last time anyone was there?
Sunday's Best 4-5 years ago?