Friday, June 27, 2008

Imaad with Two Part Beast come to Denver...

...and rock the HiDive Wednesday night. Imaad as usual rules the world of electric guitar. Pretty mind boggling-- dude knows his way around a Fender Jazzmaster for certain, though would like to have seen more SG action.
Led off the show with Seventh Sign from the new record, and littered the set with some songs from his KRS solo record and (i think) even an alaska! song.

Quite a bit of drinking going on myself, but really can't compare to Bassist Bob, one half of the Beast. Dude showed up at the ST domicile at ~2am and promptly booted on the floor of the library. The wood floor was over due for some Murphy's Oil Soap treatment anyways, I guess. Nice casual morning hanging out with Imaad and Adam, as the Ive ran rampant, before they disembarked for the wilds of Nebraska. (Bob slept until rousted as the van was warming up, and now fully takes over from DT as most drunk post-rockshow in my house ever)

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