Monday, June 16, 2008

fluid is good

For a (somewhat) youngster, it was pretty cool seeing an old sub-pop show at the lounge yesterday afternoon (where the pitchers flow like wine). Kind of wish the set was longer, but the entertainment score was rather high. To put it in an Uncle Pot kind of way: 'I like it. I like it.' TD, I'm sure you'd also like to put in your 2 cents?

War KTH being a music blog until the first pre-season game
War Rocco (I guess he was in the WS of poker this last time)


TroutDog said...

Yes, as a grizzled vetern of fluid shows during the 'heydey', I was a tad weary of the reunion show being a big letdown and tarnishing the image as one of the best live bands ever. Those fears were put to rest during the opening song, "Is It Day?". I have to admit I had goosebumps. The set could have definitely been a tad longer, but I imagine they were saving some tunes for the Bluebird show this Fri.

That said, many classics were played, including Candy, Static Cling, Cold Outside, Sacharine Rejection(!), Fool's Rule. The band seemed inspired (unlike some of the very late period Purpleflake shows) and the tunes were tight. Vocals and drums could've been a little louder, but I'm guessing it was hard to compete with the cranked gits and bass, which were nice and loud.

Looking very forward to a second helping on Fri....

Sonic Tooth said...

wish I could have been there...reports were good last night when the old lady got home too.

They led off with Is it Day I'm Seeing? (as it's listed on the Sub Pop 200 comp, as opposed to the Roadmouth shortened version of the name)
That's pretty awesome, I recently put that comp on my iPod, and was quite overjoyed to hear that song come up on a shuffle rather quickly.

Anything else from Glue besides Candy?

I experienced some of the late major-label-blues half-assed shows myself (seem to recall a clunker at Berkeley Square playing with Poster Children). Glad to hear things have changed since '93/'94.

Young Bear said...

War cutting my rockshow teeth during Fluid shows at the Garage, circa 1989.

Glue is a fave and needed on my iPod.

Sonic Tooth said...

Little Mouse?

TroutDog said...

Surpisingly, I think that might have been the only Glue song played (Candy). I could be wrong but I don't think Little Mouse, or even Black Glove were played. I'm expecting an expanded setlist come Friday.

TroutDog said...

The Is It Day kickoff was a great song to kick it off.