Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ian Likes Times New Viking

Hey, what's up, Ian? Haven't seen you in a while. You seem to be enjoying the show. I liked it to, but the Rockies game was better.

TNV brought the rock, but were way more of a "chick singer" band than their recent LP suggests. Probably not a fault in general, but I prefer dude singers unless your band name is the Pretenders. Still an enjoyable set fROMOHIO. Weird to be ignored by Ian so heavily.

Ok, upon further review, this guy doesn't look that much like Ian. But, my camera phone seemed incapable of getting a good photo of the band, thus necessitating the Ian-themed post.


Sonic Tooth said...

The chick-singer factor is also a point of distress for me and my longterm relationship with TNV.
Hasn't overwhelmed the records though...

Hey, shouldn't the Photo the Month be Ryan Clady stretching somewhere in Dove Valley or somesuch thing at this point?

DeathTruck said...

seemed like the drummer's mic was on a very low volume.

From the post you'd think the band was on SST not matador

Young Bear said...

DT, i thought it was Ian.
Spitting image.

Or someone else grabbing their crotch.