Monday, June 30, 2008

The Brougham likes to rock

... and playing such hits as Colfax Crawl the Brougham Royale did indeed rock yesterday at the Larimer Lounge, kicking off their summer concert series. With ST, the sea-monkey, and manuel in attendance, it was a rather fun afternoon (with the high-life flowing like wine). There might still be a little brew in my system, so bring on that liver cleaning coffee.

I think I could speak for all of us, in that it'd be nice if the Brougham would play a little more frequently.

The two act that followed were pretty enjoyable as well. But personally, I'm just happy that the turbo knife fight chick didn't start singing right infront of me. I don't know if I could hang with her 'in your face' attitude.

On a side note, Alan just took a shit on my newly carpetted floor.


Sonic Tooth said...

fun show for sure...

there is no way that I could have handled the turbo knife fight chick in my face either. I was a little frightened that it was going to happen too.

Alan is wasting no time in getting in your new landlord's good graces.

TroutDog said...

Thanks for the props, boys.

I think the shitting is Alen's way of saying he misses Hank and Sammy!