Friday, April 17, 2009

Nuggets Playoff Schedule: Totally Lame

By far the most positive thing happening on the Denver sports scene is the Denver Nuggets. This has been true for several months. However, there has been a noticeable lack of Nuggets coverage on KTH that doesn't have origins in Alaska. It's an embarrassment and I feel largely responsible. I chalk my silence up to two factors: 1) I don't follow the Nuggets or the nba very closely and 2) It's far less fun to write about things that are running smoothly (although I'm willing to give the Rocks a chance to prove me wrong).

So there you have it. I'm coming clean and going to immerse myself in the spectacle that is the nba playoffs. Sure, it probably has something to do with the Avs being so out of the playoffs, that watching the nhl now is utterly depressing (although I currently have versus on the tele). Nonetheless, it's time to buck up and try to relive the excitement of the early 90's team that made a mini-playoff run with the Fonz, Dikembe, B-Will, Pack Man, Reggie Williams (fresh!), and the guy who made hating Muslims fashionable before 9/11 (too soon?): Mahmoud Abdul, muthafuckin' Rauf!!!

But, wait, I'm looking at the game times for series 1 and I can't help but think, could this be any less Denver fan friendly? Let's have a look (all times MDT):

Game 1: Sunday 830 PM
Game 2: Wednesday 830 PM
Game 3: Saturday 11 am (really?!?!)
Game 4: Monday........

Anyway, I'm in no position to complain considering I didn't attend one game this whole year and I can't even think of the NO team name off the top of my head (Hornets? Jazz? Thunder? Grizzlys?). Still, the fact that we can't muster one measly weekend evening game over the course of two weeks is a bit of a slap in the face (I'm not counting Sunday games at 830 as weekend night games). And why are two off days required between games 1 & 2 and between 2 & 3? (I know this is commonly-voiced complaint.) Bottom line: Whoever makes these schedules isn't making the nba playoffs any more enticing to this semi-fan. It's almost as bad as the week vacation between the League Championship Series and the World Series or the two weeks off before the Super Bowl.

Hopefully the Nugs roll these guys quickly and we'll get a more fan-friendly format in Round 2. C'mon Super Nuggets!!!


Sonic Tooth said...

No Nuggets posts?
Guilty as charged.

Control C-Paul, and this series will be easier than dropping a run and gun load in a pair of D-pants.
...however, D-Pants are not made for solid loafs...I hope the Hornets don't have any of those. It's too much for the plastic, it would rip a hole right through the back!

TroutDog said...

It begs the question, have you seen, Good News Cigarette Juice?!?!

Sonic Tooth said...

it does have that thick brown cigarette taste.

TroutDog said...

That game last night, on the other hand, was not lame. Nice to see a 21-0 run in the playoffs. No let down on Wed night, please.

Riggins said...

Besides the fact I have to stay up until almost 1 am to see the game and wait until Wed. for game 2. NBA scheduling sucks! Scary, we win by 30 and Melo doesn't even show up. War Chauncey not letting this team lose, especially in the 1st round.
War Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Young Bear said...

War B-Double-W

Young Bear said...

That was supposed to read, R.I.P.
Bison Dele