Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Might Melo Be Ready to Explode?

After watching the Lakers' first two playoff games, color me less than impressed with the reigning Western Conference Champs.
As it pertains to the Denver Nuggets, I will come out and say it, "FINALS or BUST."

I'm really starting to believe that this TEAM can do it. Although, the amount of basketball I've watched over the past year is astronomical, I haven't been too much into the NBA until this past month. The Nuggets are healthy (no other WC team can truly claim this), they have a proven winner/leader and their defense has become flat-out legit.

In Game 1, I saw Melo working hard on defense and hustling for rebounds. He didn't shoot well, but he played a pretty damn efficient game otherwise. (I have a bias against "experts" that make the "bad game" claim just because a player doesn't shoot well. This does, however, normally pertain to a player that predominately gives, points, like Melo, but not these days.) I was also impressed with his bench attitude as he watched his team put the game on ice during the second half. A younger Melo might not have been so civil and supportive.

He's due to bust these fools tonight.


TroutDog said...

Someone is probably going to have to step it up tonight. I'm pretty sure Chauncey isn't going to go 8/9 from downtown ever game. Tonight is a huge game. Win and you are in control of the series. Lose and home court advantage is gone and Game 1 looks like a fluke. Go Super Nuggets!!

Sonic Tooth said...

Looking forward to the game tonight...wish it was on earlier.

A Melo breakout would be awesome.
Will the Nugs go as physical as they did in game 1? It was a tad jarring, but effective.

Sonic Tooth said...

OK. It must be said.
Hands off Melo's junk.

Also...3rd period, now. Put a man on Peja, he's feeling the 3's. Seriously.

TroutDog said...

Nice easy win for the Nugs. I can't make a qualified assessment of the game, as I was more occupied at the bar with drinking new beligium beers at the behest of 30PT and not sitting with a good view of the tv.

DeathTruck said...

Kind of a shaky win last night.

TroutDog said...

A real nail-bighter!