Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey... a little credit here.

I do the two handed manuever. Let's see your Jay Cutler pull this off. I also have facial hair. Boy, do I have facial hair. Did I mention that I can also pull on my shoulder pads?


Sonic Tooth said...

Fine technique by Kyle there with the shoulder pad grab.

That said, Orton may not be as much of a gamer as Cutler or have Cutler's big arm. But he most certainly is not as big a tool.

TroutDog said...

We must all grow neck beards as a gesture of solidarity to our new QB. After speaking to 30PKT, I can sincerely say F-U Cutlerfuck and that bitch ass Bus you rode in on. Go watch all of the UFC matches you want you homo.

In Orton We Trust.

30 Pack Thief said...

As I said on Facebook. We got Kyle Orton, two #1's and a #3 for a little misshy mashy guy who threw lots of red zone interceptions. Who cares if he can throw the ball hard? Let him got throw the ball hard in Chicago to the Lions, Packers and Viking's DBs. No one should be sad about this deal.