Friday, February 13, 2009

Let the dick-around continue...and a franchise plummets toward the most embarrasing season since they moved to CO.

God bless the concourse-table-dick-around.
Frankly, this Avs team is pretty fucking awful and prove it night after night lately. Doesn't really matter if I'm watching this shit-level product in colour or black and white. Time to call this out.
We're witnessing a horribly long fall from continual division champs to worst team in the goddam Western conference.
Depressing really.
I'd like to see some heads roll...and maybe a better goaltender. But that's just me.
Blaming injuries is bullshit. Firing Coach Q was bullshit. Losing so often, especially at home, should be the kind of bullshit that is not acceptable.
Welcome to a new era.
I think 30 Pack's expression pretty much sums it up.


TroutDog said...

The Avs get 48 shots on goal, but only score twice. I'm not blaming that last goal on Budump, but the first two looked pretty soft from the 350.

the dick-around is the only thing keeping this ship afloat.

DeathTruck said...

I think I heard John McCain once say: The fundamentals of the Avalanche are strong... sure they are.

I can't wait to start bitchig about the rockies in a couple of months.

DeathTruck said...

I meant to say bitching... sorry ST.

Sonic Tooth said...

mispelling waiver granted...

30 Pack Thief said...

I'm surprised that you neglected to mention that I managed to sneak in 4 Busch Lights and a fun time was had by all until we lost to those pinche Canadiens.
Also managed to find out that the lovely family who resides behind the Troutdog used to live in the greater Montreal area. Very nice people. Troutdog is hoping to marry one of his daughters.