Friday, February 20, 2009

Come Check Out My New Techno Band!

Yes, you thought I could only put puck in the net. But, no, I'm hear to tell you that I have mad skills with the beats and the sampling and such. Seeing as how we got bitch-slapped tonight by the lowly Avalanche hockey club (3 game winning streak), you never know when you're going to need a backup career. Thankfully, a sniper's precision with the hockey stick in my hand isn't the only gift I was blessed with. I'll drop an LFO so hard on a dance floor, it'll make the whole house rumble.

My work is now done at the Verizon Center. That Raycroft character did one hell of job holding this team to one goal on home ice. I need to forget about the whole affair down at the club. Hope to you see there. Peace, Alex.

1 comment:

Sonic Tooth said...

Alexander, your "techno band" sucks.

Avalanche, your "frustrating inability to define yourself as the worst Avs team I've ever seen or a bonafide contender to slip into the tight Western Conference playoff picture" sucks.