Friday, February 6, 2009

High-Larious Story

Sorry. The sole intention of this email is to humiliate and embarrass a KTH personality. It has absolutely nothing to do with loud rock music, girls, sports or beer. Disclaimer loaded and ready to go.
Last night I get home from work and I sit down with my wife for some dinner. My 3 year old, 6 Pack Thief, was running around the dinner table playing with his toys. On Thursdays my wife takes little 6 Pack to a play group at the neighborhood library. He's been having a little trouble lately. Seems 6 Pack likes to rough up the other kids at the playgroup. So when I get home I ask "Did anything happen at Storytime?". My wife laughs and chokes a little on her salad. She begins to tell me that he didn't kick or hit any kids but he did do something out of the ordinary. She tells me that one of the Libararians nudged her and motioned for her to look over at our son. There he is in the middle of the library with his pants down around his ankles grabbing his little "tap" and playing with it. My wife and I both laugh about it for a little while and then I JOKINGLY say... "Playing with himself in public. Just like his Daddy."
This is the kicker. Little 6 Pack chimes in all matter of fact like: "No. Just like Troutdog". I didn't realize that 6 Pack knew old TD that well.


TroutDog said...

Ok, it's obvious 6PT has some sort of grudge against TD. That said, it's hard to get angry with a child who aspires to be the next Paul Reubens. And it takes real balls to start your training in a public library. Nice work, son!

Maybe they haven't filter all of the porn sites on the library computers. I'm sure he's found his way through 30PT's computer bookmarks!

Sonic Tooth said...

that does take some

Sonic Tooth said...

thank god this post does not have photographic accompaniment.