Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rule 64.1- Any player who blatantly dives, embellishes a fall or a reaction, or who feigns an injury shall be penalized with a minor penalty

That was a nutty game, specifically that 3rd period. Maybe it's just me, but the B.J.'s seemed to be falling down all over the fucking ice tonight...especially whenever an Av was anywhere near them. Check the replays...

I think I'm beginning to subscribe to the reverse-parallel of what you always hear in NFL circles...."The NFL is better when the Raiders are relevant" Well, I propose based on this season that the NHL is "Better when the Blue Jackets fucking suck shit" The Avs have truly been reduced to commoners. Hell, Nash wasn't even playing tonight.

With no conjecture I can safely say the Western Conference is crazy...the Avs were 3rd in the NW earlier today but after that loss are now in the cellar, and are subsequently 11th in the Conference. A costly loss. Keeping with my VH/Avalanche season theme...Where Have All the Good Times Gone!


TroutDog said...

Diamond Dave definitely doesn't approve of dem dives.

The Avs were doing too much cahsing in our own zone in the 3rd. Sloppy play.

The other Can team is now in danger of blowing a lead as well here in the 4th. Dirk can do his own version of the hockey dive. Seems to be getting calls every time as well.

Sonic Tooth said...

Other Can team gets some clutchness from a perpetually sweaty Chauncey and a productive Birdman. A Win that got dicey.

I've moved from Dead & Gone to Replacements to Rival Schools to Van Halen to Meat Puppets this evening.
Sloppy play. Thankfully won't hurt me in any Western conference standings.

TroutDog said...

I expect this Avs team to bounce back Thurs against the Blues and come strong with DT and I up in the 350 against the Crude Fri night.