Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He's a Dynamic Dazzler baby!!

A serious lack of Diaper Dandies on the hardwood tonight has Dickie V. throwing out some different alliterative monikers. Dynamic Dazzler was used at some point in the 1st half for a baseline move made by Marquette great Dwayne Wade, but tonight I think Kleiza or Smith could also qualify as a Dynamic Dazzler.
Hell, I consider myself to be something of a Dynamic Dazzler at times believe it or not. Especially if you happen to be Dazzled by Dynamic draining of Miller High Life Light. Not so much for my baseline move toward the hoop.


TroutDog said...

I remember High Life Light....haven't seen one in a while since the Applejack HLL drought of late '08. It's all about the gold cans, baby!!

Didn't see the game until the last couple of minutes when it was well in hand. Glad the bench picked up the Melo slack and got the W. This team has depth! And now a big 7" freak.

TroutDog said...

Oh, and the last two minutes of the game gave me enough Dicky V to last me all of '09. I thought he was more into the Rays these days?

Sonic Tooth said...

After the game they showed some footage of his last NBA call back in '84...Bucks at Celtics playoffs.
Bucks uniforms? Fucking sweet. I think I just saw Brian Winters, Sidney Moncrief, and Quinn freaking Buckner.

Oh, and a very nice Nugs win. The Heat never had a lead but they ebbed and flowed things sorta close.

TroutDog said...

Those 80's Bucks unis were sweet. I bet I was watching that playoff game, for sure. I love the side pattern on the jerseys. Nelly and the fish ties?