Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maybe I should start every game?

Another solid performance by Raycroft tonight as the Avs get a rather enormous and impressive win over the B-Hawks. The opposition put on quite the flurry with the extra attacker in those last couple of minutes. It'd be tough to think that Budaj would have held strong during that onslaught (because seriously, 43 saves? Budaj would have let in like 4 more).

Wolski with and another goal at center; I don't see Tony-G moving him from that spot anytime soon (he'd be an idiot if he did).

Keep the Mo going versus the Pens.


TroutDog said...

A pretty awesome win, indeed. God, they need every game it seems. Razor was, ahem, mighty sharp. No way we win that game with Budaj in net. If Razor isn't 'the starter' by now, Granato and his non-GMC-commercial-having ass can suck a dick.

Speaking of coaches that did their GMC commercial duty (as their form of auto industry bailout, bravo!), Coach Q sure was a bitch in his post game presser. Whaaaaaaaaahhh!!

Sonic Tooth said...

Razor was awesome last night. Avs don't win a lot of 2-1 games from my recollection.
I heard that the Blackhawks hadn't lost a game to anyone but the Red Wings in over a month or something? Big win, Avs.