Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finesse Schminesse

I've got to say that I like this Avalanche squad much better than previous versions. Mr. Giguere/Lacroix please do not trade for an aging superstar. I'll take a David Jones over a Mats Sundin. I like the Cody McLeod-ness of this team. We've got youth, energy, grittiness (hockey cliche) going for us right now. Do not screw that up please. Number Ninety-four is killing other teams. Let's see what we've got this year and we can tinker in the off season.
We've got what we got. Don't get rid of anything and don't bring anybody else in. They can't handle this and they will probably fuck it up. OK, if Forsberg wants to come back you can sign him to boost ticket sales and increase fan passion but that is it. If and when Sakic comes back you will have plenty of finesse players. You got your Sakics, your Liles, your Hedjuks, your Tylers, your Svatos... that's enough of that. I like the Chris Stewarts, Cody McLeod/Cormicks, Davy Joneses and the Ian Laperrieres on the team. Make my Avalanche as blue collar as possible. I want butt ugly goals... goals going in off of shin pads and opposing team's defensemens' skates. Save the highlights and pretty goals for the ESPYs and for overtime shootouts. I'm having more fun watching these guys than the overpaid lineups of the past.
I still think that Budaj has what it takes. Raycroft has been much better since pre/early season but I'm still not a true believer. If you're going to bring someone in then bring in a superstar goalie. Is Martin Brodeur available? Other than that leave it alone. Put the cell phone down and just walk away.


TroutDog said...

You forgot about moxie. Don't undersell this team in the moxie department!

Sonic Tooth said...

This team trucks in grit by the crate.