Sunday, October 17, 2010

This post could have been much different....

However, stupid mistakes, miscues, and penalties help send the Broncos to another defeat. A game they could have won. A game they probably should have won.
Snapping the ball? I thought that was Centering 101. I guess our guys are still working out the kinks on that shit.
4th down, game on the line, the opposing team throws up a dying duck pass all you got to do as the defending back is turn around and merely watch the ball hit the ground. Best not to stick your hand behind you and on the receiver...much less his facemask. Damn you Renaldo Hill. Poor decision there.

I guess some good can be taken away. The running game wasn't quite as abysmal as it has been the previous 5 games. Still, that is an issue in general. Weird after all those years of running prowess to see your team dead-last in that category.
Tebow? Not sure I'm ready to buy this, but I like the "let's try something" attitude that the coaching staff is putting out there. Tebow gadget plays look to be safe diversions.
A successful mid-game onside kick? Sure, love it. (Broncos don't capitalize though)
His stats were pedestrian I believe, but Orton worked some nice passes to his corps while they were well covered by the vaunted Jets Revis/Cromartie combo that resulted in catches.
At least we're tied with the Chargers and Raiders for last place in the West...things could get nuts with some well played divisional games.


TroutDog said...

Much like the Colts loss, that game was a kick in the balls. On paper, it looked like a tough game to win with all of the defensive injuries. But the victory was there for the taking. The B'cos just cannot seem to seal the deal in those situations (at home no less). McD needs to reverse that trend quickly, or he may starting feeling some heat for his job.

It's safe to say that the wild cards aren't going in the AFC West's direction.

Sonic Tooth said...

Agreed....low expectations don't erase the bad vibe when you lose a close one that was ripe.

Forgot to moan about the offensive line...jesus, they don't help this running game malaise one bit. Seem to do a decent job in pass protection, but there is nary a spot for runners it seems.

AFC West does look to be about the worst division in the NFL....but then most certainly the Chargers will rattle off like 10 straight wins to lend some respectability. So there's always that to look forward to.

mark t said...

I was sad about the fumble this past Sunday against the Jets.. It did not go well. I had a friend who went and didn't even stay till the end it was so sad. I'm hoping they pick it up for this Sunday's game against the Raiders tho-- I dunno. I mean it's the RAIDERS, so maybe they could. I saw an ad in the paper for Appliance Factory Outlet that said if the Broncos can shut out Oakland they'd be giving away FREE major appliances after the game-- LOL! I wonder if that'll happen.. I hope they have good insurance, at least. If they can it would be a good win for Denver! Maybe I'll go buy a new fridge just in case ;)