Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indefinite Budaj-time

Well, Andy's bum knee will provide some sustained indefinite Budaj action. (though it looks like he has an updated Ned Flanders backplate now) Got to say neither of them have looked very good this year so far, the league GAA rankings would fully back up that statement. Thankfully the Avs seem to know how to score. Pretty exciting games in general this year from what I've watched.
Scrappy OT loss last night.
I like the shaggier look that Liles is sporting. Has to be the reason for his assist rampage.


TroutDog said...

Definitely a "good point" last night and good to see Duechey get a goal to force the OT. The goalie situation is troubling. Glad Andy isn't facing the knife though.

Sonic Tooth said...

Is Anderson's season last year a full anomaly? He's looked like shite so far.
I don't believe in Budaj. Never have, never will.
No love for Billington, Salo, Suav'e, Fiset, Raycroft, Theodore (though a little), or Aebischer.

I miss ROY.

TroutDog said...

I'm going to say not an anomoly last year, but this year's GAA is partially due to a largely new (and young) defensive corps. But I also miss Roy. I was pretty stoked to see what appeared to be a street/homeless looking dude walking around by Wax Trax last weekend in an unlikely Aebischer jersey. Big fan, big fan.

Riggins said...

The Avs need to make some sort of move. Did nothing to shore up a defense that was at the top in shots on goal. Still the lowest payroll in the NHL. Time for baby Kroenke to do something!!!