Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stewie don't mind a fight....

...seconds into the 1st period. Strange way to start a game that ultimately was pretty disappointing. Don't know much about these Gorton's Fishermen, but I would have assumed this would have been the "easy" game on this lengthy roadtrip. Not so.
Avs wait until the 3rd to get anything on the board. Too little too late.
2nd youngest team in the league looks to be enigmatic I'd think throughout the season. Still look forward to watching Stewart, Yip, McLeod, Duchene etc. Excitement tempered with some frustration is sure to prevail. MSG and Rangers remain before returning home.


Anonymous said...
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Young Bear said...

Saw Friday's game but missed last night. Still gotta be pretty happy with how the kids have started the season out on the road.

Also, I am pretty happy with the revamped site. Looks clean. I think my favorite random piece is the Cutler pic/quote.

GO Broncos!

Sonic Tooth said...

thanks YB. Last night, found myself with my jacked leg/calf up on an ottoman and a laptop on my gut....figured it was time to get back into this thing. small re-design and an actual post.