Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Views of an Avs Game / Lauren Game Shows

This is pretty late, but I did want to contribute this jumbotron pic of Lauren doing that damn Price is Right game (it's no Card Sharks rip off) during last night's Avs 5-2 beat down of the Blooze. 30Pack Thief with a last-minute extra ticket in what can be described as the best seats possible in the 3rd level: Row 1, Exact Center Ice. One drawback of Row 1 is that they put the cup holders on the arm rests, making it impossible to leap out of your seat to celebrate another Yip goal without doing a little hip shake. I was able to deal with it with my slender figure.

And yes, Yip fever is spreading like the plague.


Sonic Tooth said...

The problem with Yip fever, is that the greater Denver area has been out of innoculations for weeks now!

Great game. Does Lauren work her gig at all Avs games these days?

TroutDog said...

She seems to. Pretty dolled up last night too. Another reason to get excited about baseball season getting set to start. And there was a good dose of organ music happening at the game. Liking that trend.

Meghan Ruble said...

How do I contact you guys? Meghan from TicketHorse here, hosting a suite night for Avs Bloggersthis Friday for the Avalanche/Coyotes game & would love to have someone attend from KTH. Shoot me an e-mail at mruble@tickethorse.com if you're interested!