Saturday, February 13, 2010

At Long Last.....

Sorry for the delayed post, but the entire KTH family needed some time to sleep off the large quantities of complimentary beers consumed at the game last night. I'm going to guess that KTH staff can account for 95% of the Miller Lite, Corona, Coors Light, Heineken, and Fat Tire provided in the Blogger's Suite. And that was before the Ancient Age was flowing like the River Nile back at Sonic Tooth's house.

A big THANK YOU to Meghan for hooking us up with what was a truly fun evening of fancy living and great hockey viewing. Duchene, what can you say?!? Dude continues to step it up. Andy has another ho hum brilliant night, and Yip was buzzing around the net most of the game. Big win against a team that is going to be playing some post season hockey. Another test tonight out in LA before the long Winter Olympics hibernation.


Sonic Tooth said...

Certain bloggers shouldn't be given in-game access to free beer.

TroutDog said...

ST - When you going to fix that Ancient Age ad?

DeathTruck said...

I think I volunteered to fix it last night. Maybe I'll give it a shot after my buffs pull off their scheduled upset.

Young Bear said...

TD, love the Andy-ho-hum brilliance line-well penned.

So, was there no live blogging, just complimentary drinks and hockey?
Were there other losers in their PJs there, too?

I need more tho!
ST/DT I need posts of your own!!!