Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Orton Guy Is Clutch!

One of the crazier football games you could ever imagine to see. It was pretty boring for the first 59:40 of the game, but then things got exciting, to say the least. Neckbeard conjures up some 4th quarter magic and delivers a brilliant trick play. It's really harder than it looks and requires a perfect throw to get the ball to deflect off the defender's hands at the right angle to hit the wide-open Brandon Stokely. A gutsy play-call by McD, but very effective at getting past defensive secondaries that drop back into a prevent with the game all but sewn up.

Seriously, I kind of look at the first couple of games like an extension of the preseason. The offense looked putrid overall, but some of that can be chalked up to dropped passes, sloppy passes, and untimely penalties. All of these can be fixed and I'm not expecting our offense to suck this bad all year. They will get better throughout the season(which might be masked somewhat be the increasing difficulty of schedule). The defense looked improved, but still gave up quite a few wide-open pass plays and of course had what appeared to be a game-losing meltdown when the game was on the line. But, that's what a gamer like Neckbeard will do for you: pick up your defense, when they had been picking up the offense all game.

I smell Super Bowl.....


Sonic Tooth said...

I guess you take your wins any way you can get them... (see SD at home last year)
Agreed. Lots of dropped passes and drive killing penalties. Let's hope that can be chalked up to early season jitters. And agreed again, the D looks improved but saw fit to collapse when it mattered most.
Nice to have a reason to get off the chair and jump around at the very end of a Broncos game. I appreciate that, Orton/Stokely.

TroutDog said...

So sad to see Cutler throw 4 picks in a Bears loss. Don't think his red zone execution was so stellar either. Hmmmm. Orton was perfect in the red zone I think, since I'm pretty sure we were never in it. That needs to change real quickly.

DeathTruck said...

Didn't see any of the game other than 'the play'.

Did catch the end of the packers/bears game. well done cutler... ya jackoff!