Monday, September 21, 2009

Is This Man a Genius?

Defense wins football games they say. The Broncos' defense suddenly bears no resemblance to the piss-poor group from '08.
Got to start to wonder how much is Nolan's schemes and how much is the upgraded personnel. Whatever it is, I like it, for 2 weeks straight against THE Ohio based NFL squads.
Keep this up and we may have reason to believe that the difficult upcoming schedule may actually not be just a whole slew of "L's". I'm encouraged. Or to quote the Replacements (the band not the movie) as all good NFL pundits do, "Color Me Impressed"

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TroutDog said...

I thought Tues morning was usually set aside for emo show reviews, not Sunday football recaps. Seriously, good to see consecutive wins to start the season and give this team a little confidence. Wait, is it Raider week?!?!