Monday, September 28, 2009

Great American Beer Fest is well....."great"

>Love that Snake River brew.
>Don't love dorkwads in capes.
>Love DT manning the Detroit Brewing booth actually.
>Don't love that ornery bitch at the PBR booth begging worse than 500 TD's for swag.
>Love the pre-fest dump.
>Don't love the fact that I'm not a fan of pretzels. (is something wrong with me??)
>Love beer, basically.
>Don't love 1 oz. increments though.
>Love the chance to hoist a few (hundred) with CorB, DT, and TD.
>Don't love last call.


TroutDog said...

Really no crazy hijinks to report on this year. Fun time indeed.

TroutDog said...

Needed Riggins for some end of evening booting.

DeathTruck said...

I damn near did some mid-fest booting after getting a huge pour of a 'hoppy' beer that was very much a wheat beer-type beer.

unwar capes.
war dwarf beer?

TroutDog said...

You mean Lt Wharf beer?

Don't love post-GABF shits.

DeathTruck said...

Detroit dwarf-ly.

Riggins said...

Love the old end of evening boot but, is it a boot if it feels like a burp and you continue walking as if? Oh the questions the beerfest provides.