Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Way I'm Coming Back, I Like Handball

Well, I Pretty Much Like Drama & Text Messaging

Not to mention Red Zone turnovers, pulling on my shoulder pads, and one day playing for the Cleveland Browns.


Riggins said...

Good Bye Baby Cutler! At the end of the day someone please tell me how this whole fiasco this offseason doesn't fall directly on the shoulders of Bowlen. In 3 months he has managed to fire a HOF coach, hire from the coach Hoodie tree (of which no one has yet been successful) and in turn lose your franchise and Pro Bowl QB! On a brighter note, I hope Cutler ends up with some low life NFC team, aka Detroit, and disappears into the abyss of crappy QB's wearing a Lions jersey! Please don't bring in Garcia...I'm sick enough as it is. Thank God the Nuggets are balling again and the Rockies season begins next week.

DeathTruck said...

Is that picture from Cutler's facebook?

His twitter states that he's going to the titty bar.

TroutDog said...

I gotta say I have no regrets about Bowlen canning Shanny - his time had come no matter how good he'd been in years past. But, everything after that has been a joke. Bowlen should've spoke up sooner about the trade rumor brewhauhau and not let the whole thing turn into a 3rd grade texting tissy.

Is Brady Quinn any good, or does he suck too?

Yes, the Nuggs and the Rocks (for a few weeks at least) will be a nice distraction.

Sonic Tooth said...

Cutler in that photo:
"NO fucking way I'm buttoning up that unecessarily un-buttoned button on my oxford.
What? Hell yeah, and damn straight mother fuckers, I ate all your wings and drank your bottle of wine. What the fuck are you going to do about it? You want to lodge a complaint? Don't call or send any texts to me, you can direct that BS to Bus muthafuckin' Cook."

Sonic Tooth said...

oh yeah, since I'm bitter.
bring back Plummer.

and go to freaking Detroit Cutlerfucker.

TroutDog said...

KTH is putting a bounty on "Bus" Cook. Sounds like this guy is as big of a douche as the Bus that used to play on the Steelers. You know, the one that is originally from Detroit.

DeathTruck said...

A Bus from Detroit?