Sunday, March 22, 2009

Checking out some CHL minor league hockey....Broomfield stylee

Yep. This Friday finally went north through the lovely North Federal Blvd. area, and onto 36 to visit the Broomfield Event Center and some goddam Rocky Mountain Rage hockey action.
The Rage had already clinched their CHL playoff berth - so this game, which was the final home game of the regular season, didn't have a lot riding on it, besides the hopes and dreams of a winning Friday night out for a couple thousand Rage faithful (and mini sonic tooth and the official version)
Unfortunately, the Rage lost to the Amarillo Gorillas in the waning minutes in what was a real back and forth game 5-4. Broomfield most certainly doused this pain with Budweiser if my in-game experience lends any insight into what the clientele is prone to.
Other observations:
>Rowdy, the mascot is a crowd pleaser.
>Minor league hockey is really nothing like SlapShot....the place was filled with weirdo kids (going apeshit) and their parents. TONS of kids.
>Those plastic horns are loud. Also more prevalent than I can handle.
>When the Rage score a goal they play some song that sounds like the Replacements "Take Me Down to the Hospital" but isn't.
Can only imagine what the advent of the playoffs will bring come Monday against the Mudbugs of Bossier-Shreveport. I bet the Broomfield Event Center will be rife with loud-ass shirtless insane 9 year-old boys causing a ruckus with those freaking horns and their parents smiling as they sip their Bud.
(yes. that is mini st chilling with Rowdy)
Going to a 14ers game in a few weeks. Comparison forthcoming.


TroutDog said...

The gorilla population in Amarillo is huge.

Shouldn't mini-ST be be bawling in this photo like most kids confronted with life-size animated characters?

Rowdy is also sporting a nice liquor tan.....

Young Bear said...

And is Rowdy vision-impaired and in need of specs?

My only experience at the Broomfield Events Center included mini-Young Bear and those colored mock-turtlenecked goofballs from Austraila, known as.... The Wiggles. Believe me, I was dieing for some minor league hockey.

FYI-The 14ers are the best team in the DLeague.
i need to ask riggins (who was in the area for a recent CU bowl game) about which side of the river is fresher, Bossier or Shreveport? Or as he immediately refered to it as,....REEEEport.

War not living in the South.

Sonic Tooth said...

TD - Don't even joke about the rampant gorillas in Amarillo. The amount of missing pets, that are generally attributed to gorillas is astounding. But can you really blame the gorillas?
Seriously the youngSTer was cackling the whole time that she and Rowdy were posing, flat out laughing. The lack of reverence/fear for the weird mascot(s) is a little disarming.

YB - Call me when the Imagination Movers are playing...F*UCK the Wiggles.
Wanna join us for our 14ers extravaganza? I've got a couple legit seats and we could supplement with 2 kids $5 tix. April 8 vs. ABQ. Lemme know. Ivey is already stoked to see the "Nuggets"

TroutDog said...

The gorilla problem in Amarillo is much like the coyote issue in Greenwood Village.

Let's see the Nuggs pull this puppy out in the Valley of the Sun. War Chris Marlow complaining about flopping in the nba. Unware Nene getting booted.

TroutDog said...

Nene getting booted hurt the Nuggs bigtime down the stretch. Too many easy buckets and second chances given up down low. The refs can also blow me. Nice flop Nash.

Riggins said...

Still trying to fathom that they have a team in Shrevedump/Bossier City! Do they play at the Liberty Bowl arena? The only thing seperating the "twin cities" of the south is a river, you know the one which just completed hosting the Bass Masters Classic! Real cute.