Friday, March 27, 2009

"Hometowned" at home...again

Not gonna elaborate on the Hometown reference. But Rayzor is getting one in the photo, and this team is getting a figurative one for 6 games running. (what the hell. let's face it, this whole season)
You know, TD I appreciate the free tickets and all, but mini-ST and I prefer our minor league hockey played in the intimate setting of the Broomfield Event Center, where the Dippin' Dots cost an even 4 bucks not the outlandish sum of 4.50 that one shells out at Pepsi Center.

Geez. The depths continue to get lower (even if the score is a little more respectable). For two periods the Avs were in this game, not that they looked all that good, but the Canucks hadn't quite begun to get their chances. Those came eventually.
You get spoiled I guess, but this is SO removed from the Avs that we've known since the franchise relocation, that it is just really jarring to watch and try to accept. Just ask the cool Indian dude that I finally had the pleasure of sitting in front of in the 350 tonight. To quote: "Who are these players? Who is #41? Who is #43?" Exactly. Well it turns out that #43 is the only goal scorer for the Avs tonight...his first career NHL goal.

Out of disgust for the current state of the Avs, and the fact that I never wear it, I busted out an old replica 40's era Leafs sweater tonight (not like Toronto is going to make the playoffs either). Strangely complimented up and down by the bald 350 usher, and the dude who runs the cab stand.
Ironically, since I got home I have since settled into a Rush show in HD on the Palladia channel. I do love, and always will even at my old age love, the punk and the indie rock but I must say I really do dig Rush. Maybe someday I'll compose an inappropriate post about how awesome Neil Peart is on drums, or how impressive it is that Geddy Lee chooses to play both bass and keyboards - occasionally at the same time (instead of enlisting some keyboard lackey to fill that role), and how I wish he still played the Rickenbacker bass instead of the equally cool Fender Jazz, and how Alex Lifeson plays a different guitar for every song...come on, is that really necessary?
Maybe I just wrote that post? Maybe I will someday be that grey-haired uncle with the red Barchetta?

Well, I'm rambling and buzzed. (mini ST's first cab ride was this evening.)

>Nugs win. Melo scores basketball points, and the team holds off a Dallas comeback.
>DU looked hella flat in their NCAA hockey tournament loss. Tyler Bozak's return nets a goal, but not enough to stave off an ouster. However....AFA Falcons! Wolverines shocked.
>Cutler likes booze? So do I.


DeathTruck said...

So do I.

$4.00 for ice cream of the future is a steal.

... 7 more days.

Sonic Tooth said...

Exactly. $4.50 is highway robbery.

TroutDog said...

My apologies for the crappy on-ice product that the Avs put out now. At least the season isn't a total loss, having now met the nice Indian dude in Sec 350 (and his equally charming family). I hope he's sporting his Rockies jacket since the season is right around the corner.

The Leafs sweater is probably not quite as baffling to folks in the stands as the 70's A's replica jersey I've occasionally been known to sport at Avs games.

TroutDog said...

I love the new Qb of the future for the B'cos.

While I was out of town and pretty much shut out of any hockey NCAA coverage, I'm not shocked about the Pios. Even with Bozak back in the lineup (and probably far from 100%), they seemed to have too many injuries to overcome.