Monday, September 15, 2008

Uh, Thanks.

Yes, the donkeys probably shouldn't have won that game, with how lame they played in the 2nd half. Two critical calls go our way that pretty much lead to two of our touchdowns. Good, I'm glad. I'd be in a much worse mood if the refs and the hi-tech equipment were actually working properly. Cutler looks good yet again, but late game turnovers in the red-zone still seem to be an issue, which I believe was his main (and very deserving) criticism from last year. Tough to blame anyone for this (almost) blown game, but the entire D. As good as Cutler played yesterday, our D was making lame-ass Rivers and that newly fantasy football love-child RB look very unstoppable, especially in the 2nd Half. This division will definitely be won by either of these two teams: we all saw how back the Raiders were last week, and they were kind of making KC their bitch at KC during the morning round of games yesterday.

Hopefully this game will be a wakeup call for our D and remind Cutler the importance of taking care of the ball within the redzone.

And if you answered (b) in this week's poll, give yourself a pat on the back.


TroutDog said...

Yeah, I thought the game was over when they went to the booth to review the, ahem, incomplete pass from Culter. Still, no need to apoligize. This will be long-forgotten by the end of the season when playoff spots are being determined. Extreme luck was needed here, but if I'm a Charger fan, I don't know if I feel like a rightly deserve to win this game after the Broncos walked all over their defense for the majority of the game. Plus, all you have to do is stop us on a 4th and goal or a 2-point conversion.

The soft D and the tendency to give up the big play on D and special teams are a concern. But a win is a win at this point.

TroutDog said...

I also gotta say I love Shanny said he just had a gut feeling they should go for 2. Was that a gut feeling they would convert, or that if we lost the coin toss there is no way we would keep them from scoring.

I think it was probably the latter.