Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boom, Outta Here.....

And Boom, Welcome Back....

Champ giveth what Melo taketh away....thank you Champ, thank you. And thank you John Elway. A defense cannot hope to significantly improve when your best defense player walks away for nothing.

The only common thread between the Melo and Champ situations is both players apparently got their wish to wear Orange and Blue.


Chain Lightning said...

I'm actually fine with the Melo departure. He's never impressed in the playoffs and is awful on the defensive end. He cheats the game all the time by not hustling. Winning isn't what matters to Melo. If it did, then he'd put his head down after a bad shot and get back on D. It was all about buckets and getting his. I say good riddance and a hearty FU melo. Give Mr. Lala my best FU as well.

TroutDog said...

Here, here, CL. While it's difficult to imagine the Nugs being better without him, it was refreshing to watch the game last nite and actually see a team playing instead of the men's singles style of ball. I'm thinking of resurrecting myself as a Nugs fan. F-U MeloLala!

DeathTruck said...

What the heck is a melo?

Heavy Snack said...

The NBA lockout can't come soon enough. I hope it lasts 100 years.

Sonic Tooth said...

i like Champ more than i like Melo. a lot more.

word, HS...i got minimal love for the Association. besides the eternity-stretched trade rumours and prospective future "super teams" news that i'm force-fed on ESPN and elsewhere, not sure what knowledge of the NBA i'd even have.

wouldn't hardly be caught dead watching an actual game.
Stern has a right to be concerned about the good/bad pub that these largely player controlled maneuverings ultimately result in.

Crackpot Theory:
superstars are driving eventual contraction and fan-screwing-over.
i know what a Melo is, but potentially won't be too long before i won't know what a Timberwolf, Buck, Hornet, Raptor, Thunder, Clipper, Grizzly, Bobcat, King, or Warrior even is.
It will be sort of like the NHL's Original Six but in inverse, NY, Chicago, LA, Boston, Miami and maybe one of the Texas teams. that will be the NBA of the future. granted this is the rantings of an idiot but something seems pretty wrong with the direction of the NBA.

Young Bear said...

Melo made the Nugs an annual 50-win team and owners of the 3rd longest playoff appearance streak in the NBA. When he arrived the Nuggets had just won 12 then 17.

I am not sad to see him go either (i think it was "time) but his "style of play" is like much of the rest of the league. Yes, I'm an NBA fan (mostly playoffs) but CL's sentiments are largely while I spend 90% of basketball viewing watching the college game.

2.5 weeks until Selection Sunday. ooohhhhhhh.....


Young Bear said...

I am also a little tired of the "this is ruining the NBA" nonsense. Yes, there is a bit of a rash involving star players currently, but c'mon, this crap has been going on for over 40 years!

Ask fans of the 1970 Milwaukee Bucks.

Also, name another occupation where you "HAVE TO" stay in one place to ply your trade and earn a living. Imagine getting a good job outta college in, say, Charlotte. You give 8 way-above-solid years and you have to STAY? And if you do move, you have NO SAY in the eventual location?

The problem with the NBA starts and ends with guaranteed contracts. I think Tariq Abdul-Wahad is still cutting checks from the Nuggets.

Sonic Tooth said...

I understand the fact that you can't expect loyalty from players looking for stardom and money. But you can't compare professional athletes to other occupations, it's not the same. At all. I don't give a shit about that free-agent Project Manager making the big-time move from Topeka to Dallas, and the $10K/year raise.
It bums me out as a fan when players want to leave a team that I like (even marginally like the Nugs) regardless of the reasons, really. It isn't just the NBA for sure either...but the NBA just happens to be in the headlines with this lately, and in a fairly dominating way. I'm honestly more freaked out about the notion of players convening to influence the creation of destination-rosters behind the scenes. Which may be media-overblown in actuality but it still disturbs me.
/steps off rickety, ill-informed idiot fan soapbox.

Agreed guaranteed contracts are bad news. NFL please steer clear.

Please come back Lew Alcindor...the Bucks could use you.

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